How to Disable Developer Mode on Discord?

The Discord messenger for messaging and making calls is no longer a pure gaming service. From now on, it is positioned as a means of everyday communication for a wide range of users, from gamers to students and teachers. This article will consider the functionality of this platform.

Discord – perfect all in one utility

Recently, all sorts of team chats, messengers, and programs for easy communication on the Internet have become popular.

Discord is a free VoIP and video conferencing program that allows the community to communicate quickly through text or voice messages. The application was developed for online games in which players need to quickly exchange ideas and strategies. A single codebase for desktop, web, and mobile clients is ensured through the use of the Electron framework. Messenger servers are located in 11 data centers in different parts of the world.

Discord consists of two chats: text chat, where many people can correspond at the same time, and voice chat, where you can delve a little into the settings of the microphone and headphones/speakers to communicate freely with friends. That is the main essence of this program – to make communication easy and pleasant.

On the other side, the developer Portal Discord is a dedicated portal for app and bot developers that contain useful information and documentation to get started. For example, novice developers will be able to familiarize themselves with the basic features of the Discord API, errors, settings, and commands. This will help to do the documentation located in the appropriate section of the site.

Using the information presented on the Discord Developer Portal, you can learn how to create bots, configure authorization through OAuth2, fix popular errors, work with logs, and so on. Also on the portal, there are various instructions that explain in detail how to perform an action. For example, there are even ready-made pieces of code for updating and building applications. From this, we can conclude that the Discord Developer Portal is a useful platform for developers.

Discord functionality

The messenger performs the following functions:

  • Communication – audio calls; video calls; chats;
  • Exchange of files of any format;
  • Inclusion in the group of a third-party user with an external address (experts, parents, representatives of other schools, etc.);
  • Ability to install the application on the user’s device (computer, tablet, phone);
  • Notification;
  • The ability to address all users at once in the chat. This will allow sending alerts to all users of a specific channel, and they will surely see your SMS as a pop-up message in the Windows tray;
  • Creation of separate servers for each school and even class or parallels;
  • Sharing the desktop with your friends. Online maintenance broadcasts;
  • Integration with popular services;
  • Management of all system sounds;
  • Configuring of hotkeys;
  • There is a chat search for private messages.

Developer Mode on Discord

Users are often interested in and looking in the Developer Portal documentation what Discord applications are and how to enable or how to disable Developer Mode on Discord. This means the developer mode, which must be activated before starting to interact with the Discord API.

If you prefer to use Discord on a mobile device, you can enable and use Developer Mode just like a desktop user. In this mode, you can copy the IDs of servers, channels, users, and individual posts.

It’s very easy to enable developer mode. Open your Discord preferences (next to your name in the lower-left corner of the gear) and click Appearance. There you will find the developer mode. Click on the switch to turn it on.